The Dandy Online
  • Numskulls

    Everyone has Numskulls! They're the secret little creatures that live inside our heads and make us tick. And they're ALL very different... as Alex Bonce is discovering!

  • Desperate Dan

    The Wild West's toughest cowboy eats whole cows in a pie, shaves with a blow torch and can flatten an entire pack of grizzlies with a single punch. Good job he's one of the good guys, ain't it?

  • Brassneck

    Meet Charley Brand's best mate, Brassneck - a robot capable of transforming into anything from a mega-gigantic destructo-droid... to a tin opener or wheelie bin. If only he could control what he'll turn into next!

  • Retro-Active

    The Amazing Mr X - the original British superhero - soars back into action! But is he alone? The greatest heroes of the past swoop into the present in the fight to protect the future!

  • Bananaman

    Whenever little Eric eats a banana, he transforms into the amazing fruit-fuelled superhero, Bananaman! He has the cape, he has the superpowers, he has the enemies... pity he doesn't have the brains!

  • Keyhole Kate

    There's mystery at Morley High School and it's down to Kate - intrepid roving reporter and schoolgirl super sleuth - to solve it. She's got an eye for a story and a nose for trouble.

  • Blinky

    Who knows where Blinky's going to turn up or what chaos he's going to cause? Not him for a start. Look out for Blinky... because he can't look out for himself!