The Dandy Online


Eating a banana can transform dim schoolboy, little Eric, into Bananaman - our equally dim superhero.


He's got the muscle power of twenty men! Unfortunately he's also got the brain power of twenty mussels.


Ever alert for the call to action, Bananaman tries to keep Earth safe from a criminally crafty collection of weird villains like the dreaded Appleman - he really is rotten to the core - Bubblegum Bert - a master of sticky situations - and the sinisterly stinky Skunk Woman - PHE-EW!


Outwitting Bananaman's not really that difficult for these supervillains (because, let's face it, he's completely thick)! It's coping with his 'nana-powered nuttiness that can lead to their downfall.


Bananaman wears fabulous banana skin boots which he is very proud of, but wonders why people call them 'slippers'. Shhhhhh... Don't tell him, Bananafans!